Hi, I’m Chris Chernoff. I’m a user experience designer whose passion is creating interactive products and services that make life better.

This is my collecting point for thoughts and selected works.

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With Liberty and Justice for All.

Much has been revealed over the past six or seven days on the subject of government spying, specifically extensive government access to private data, and the sheer ridiculousness (and illegality) of said access.

I’m of course talking about PRISM, the apparently congressionally-authorized top-secret domestic data surveillance operation the NSA has been running for at least the past half decade that was recently leaked by Edward Snowden.

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When Will the Internet Kill Cable TV?

Television has had an awesome run. For over 60 years the medium has brought the delight and emotion of the big screen into the living room.

While episodic series, live sports, and talking-head news programs are viewed by billions of eyeballs per year, the technology and infrastructure used to watch them is dead in the water.

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Beginner’s Setup Guide for Git & Github on Mac OS X

There are already plenty of guides that explain the particular steps of getting Git and Github going on your mac in detail. However, I had difficulty finding one that explained every step required in order with simple enough instructions for Terminal novices to follow along with autonomously.

So I decided to write one myself.

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Selected Work

Call of Duty: ELITE

Call of Duty has become the highest grossing entertainment franchise of all time. Toppling other games like Halo and feature films like Avatar and The Dark Knight, Call of Duty’s annual release cycle and user base of nearly 30 million have allowed it to amass an unparalleled following in the game industry.

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LogicBUY is a deals and coupons community that prides itself on saving users as much money as possible. I was hired to take part in a revamp of their website to bolster user engagement, improve the quality and consistency of their listings, and to simplify the process for users to save money while shopping.

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Mitsubishi build reliable well performing cars and SUVs, but in recent years have struggled to retain a healthy portion of the US auto market.

The goal was to educate potential car buyers on Mitsubishi’s product lineup and allow them to outfit a vehicle that was both practical and affordable.

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Nexen is the best tire company you’ve never heard of. They make great tires for a fraction of the cost of their American, European, and Japanese competitors, while maintaining comparable performance and reliability.

This project coincided with an aggressive marketing campaign to boost their stateside awareness and brand perception.

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