LogicBUY is a deals and coupons community that prides itself on saving users as much money as possible. I was hired to take part in a revamp of their website to bolster user engagement, improve the quality and consistency of their listings, and to simplify the process for users to save money while shopping.


LogicBUY had accumulated a substantial amount of content, however it was struggling to keep users engaged and convert new users into returning users.

It became clear that LogicBUY’s most successful competitors were those that used a careful blend of legibility, brevity, and speed. While some sites displayed more information for deals and coupons than others, generally speaking the ones that allowed users to more quickly and efficiently digest their content were the most successful.

User Research

LogicBUY’s user base is diverse across levels of engagement, but generally the dividing characteristic is: passive or active.

Passive users visit LogicBUY either because they are shopping on a specific site and want to find discounts for it, or they’re just browsing for good deals in general.

In addition to casually browsing, active users contribute to LogicBUY by submitting deal and coupons to their inventory. In exchange, these users get satisfaction that they’ve saved other folks money through ratings, comments, and votes.

It became clear that a successful strategy for LogicBUY would have to balance these user groups by presenting data consistently and efficiently, while displaying credit and appreciation where it’s due.

Speed is of the essence

I could spend all day looking for deals, but most people aren’t like that.

Instead, I wanted to make it easy for people to find what they were looking for as quickly as possible. The navigation system for the site quickly indicated to users the primary categories they could expect to find deals and coupons for on LogicBUY.

A prominent search tool also allowed users to quickly hone in on a specific item or store.

The heart of this website are the thousands of deal and coupon listings. In past iterations of the site, this information was muddled and not easy to browse through. Therefore, special thought was given to the deal “unit” this information was organized into. At a glance, each listing had to be interesting and informative, but not be overly congested with unnecessary content.

Multiple viewing modes to cater to user needs

A new grid view provided a visually oriented way to browse deals on the site. Users who preferred to “window shop” could do so quickly by consuming a large number of deal photos.

Upon hover, a deal in the grid could be expanded to reveal secondary deal details.

For users who preferred a more systematic and data-driven browsing method, the list view provided entries that were streamlined to provide maximum scanabilty at first glance.

If users were intrigued by a deal, they were be able to expand it to discover additional details quickly without having to change pages.

Allow users to quickly and easily contribute

There are a lot of key pieces of information that go into a good deal, and it was important that the listings on LogicBUY maintained a consistent presentation of this data.

To streamline this process for users, I introduced a two-step process that would automatically retrieve most of the important data for users.

Step one is as simple as pasting the URL to the deal you found. LogicBUY would instantaneously visit this URL, grab the pertinent information, and have it ready for you to review in step two.

After a quick once over and minor adjustments, your deal was ready for the public and could begin saving people money!

Community content curation

Due to the fact that a “good” deal is often relative, another key area of the site that was addressed was how users affected content on the site.

By introducing voting, commenting, and tagging tools, LogicBUY’s dedicated community could self-curate many of the deals and coupons that would come about during each day.


My involvement with LogicBUY continued through three phases of feature sets and deployment. As a result of the hard work put into this project, LogicBUY has seen a significant statistical increase in nearly every measurable analytics category.

Their daily unique visitors tripled and time on site more than doubled. Most importantly, user registration and user submissions increased dramatically due to the more streamlined processes. LogicBUY also received numerous accolades in the deal community for their improved experience, ultimately beating out industry mainstays such as DealNews, SlickDeals, and FatWallet.