Nexen is the best tire company you’ve never heard of. They make great tires for a fraction of the cost of their American, European, and Japanese competitors, while maintaining comparable performance and reliability.

This project coincided with an aggressive marketing campaign to boost their stateside awareness and brand perception.


Their existing online catalog was difficult to navigate and lacked clear-cut descriptions for their products.

Nexen needed to win over potential customers by making it easy for them to understand the strengths and intended applications of their different product lines.

Context for tire application

The first order of business was to organize different families of tires together and display them in settings that would easily convey their strengths.

Simplified comparison metrics

While tires appear to be simple rings of rubber, there’s actually quite a bit of engineering that goes into them. UTQG, Load Index and Speed Rating are just a few of the data parameters that tire companies use to objectively judge performance.

Where general consumers are concerned, this data in its raw form is rarely useful. It would have been foolish to simply discard all of these specs because naturally they provide a basis of comparison.

However, I knew that for Nexen to be able to effectively communicate to consumers, they needed something that explained what their products did in basic terms.

By adding creating benchmarks based on this data, all of the tires on Nexen’s site could quickly be analyzed and compared with each other. Users could assess a tire based on their priorities (e.g. Cost and Treadwear) and not have to bother themselves with abstract data.

Technology badges helped indicate what tasks each tire model did best. Whether it’s ride quality or grip level, Nexen puts just as much research into their tires as other manufacturers. To explain how certain technologies help a tire perform better under different conditions, video featurettes were added to help potential buyers make the most educated decisions.


All of these changes added up to a site that not only encouraged exploration, but informed potential tire shoppers in a clear and concise manner along the way.